In countries like the USA, a Hotstar premium subscription is provided which includes a lot of benefits for the users living there. This allows US citizens to stay connected with their favorite TV shows and channels even after they have moved to other countries.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video or just Prime Video is an American subscription on-demand platform for video streaming. It is a rental service provided by, it’s the parent company. Having an Amazon Prime Subscription provides you other benefits as well.

It is basically not just a video streaming platform but offers you many great deals on the online amazon shopping and amazon music streaming app. However, you need to get different apps for different purposes. As for Prime Video, it provides movies and TV series, some are Amazon exclusive videos and others belong to different content providers.

What are the differences?

Both the platforms offer a lot of choices and have their USPs which help them to have a grip in the USA. Let’s have some points about Amazon Prime vs Hotstar to understand more about the features of these two apps. 

  • Interface

For a video streaming app, having an attractive user interface is really important in order to get more customers. Being one of the reputed companies, both Hotstar and Amazon Prime provide great interfaces to their users.

The interface affects the user experience on the app. That’s why in this case of Amazon prime video vs Hotstar, both serve equally. You can see the latest or trending on the top when you open the apps. The search result pages are also easy and provide effective and related answers to the search.

  • Playback experience

The playback experience on a video streaming app is supposed to be better than websites or online platforms like Youtube. This is why people install apps in the first place. So, this is the second point on the basis of which we will decide which is better in Hotstar vs Amazon Prime.

Luckily, both the apps are great, not only while you are playing the videos directly or during the download, you get an option to choose the video quality. It is up to the user, as the quality might be selected on the basis of the available network or if on the size of the screen (as in mobile or laptop). 

  • Content

We have talked about the user interface and the playback experience, and now it is time to talk about the content of the video. “All five fingers are different in shape and size”, which is also true when it comes to people. So, which platform provides better content is the basis of our next differentiation between Amazon Prime and Hotstar.

Amazon Prime has many content options and has started streaming it’s original content as well. This is why there are different genres and languages to watch from. Similarly, you are provided many different genres on Hotstar. More than 17 languages have been placed on Hotstar and as it is also affiliated with Disney now, you can watch the exclusive Disney movies on it.

  • Video quality

As has been already mentioned above that the options to change the streaming quality has been provided on both these apps. This makes it easier for the users to stream the videos on whichever quality they prefer or the quality their network availability allows them.

Another important point in this Amazon Prime vs Hotstar is that Hotstar is a special and only-video streaming service. This makes it better at providing video quality even when you download the videos. However, you can witness a change or decreased quality in the download videos on Amazon Prime.

  • Cost

Finally, let’s talk about the Hotstar charges and Amazon Prime Video charges which is an important point to come to a conclusion. The cost of both apps is almost the same. As Hotstar is not an American app it costs higher in the USA.

However, you can get the Hotstar premium promo code to get a discount on your purchase of a subscription. This will make your cost cut down by a great margin and will surely make Hotstar worth more than its original worth.

All the above-mentioned points make it clear that though Hotstar and Amazon Prime are equally good, but with the right price Hotstar is better than Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch live sports on Hotstar which is not always a given on Amazon Prime.


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