IPL is one of the most famous sports in India and the world when it comes to Cricket. Almost all the countries take part in these sports and come together to watch sports with high spirits and enthusiasm. IPL 2020 can be streamed live in India, but it can’t be easily seen in other countries.

For example, if we take the scenario of the USA, IPL 2020 can be seen through Hotstar. Hotstar is a streaming application that makes it easier for users across the globe to get connected with the Indian channels which are providing Hotstar streaming.

For the very same reason, we bring to you, Hotstar Coupon Codes  LIVECRICKET, SAVE40,  & GET40OFF which will help you save on your Hotstar Premium Account.

Suppose you want to watch Hotstar in the USA or let’s say you want to find the best way to watch IPL 2020 from the USA, then what to do? Get Hotstar!

Hotstar Premium Benefits

Hotstar is India’s largest streaming platform and it helps you watch India’s most famous shows, latest movies, and more by just logging into one platform. So this is one of the benefits of using Hotstar us Promo Code.

No matter if you are from South India or North India or East India or West India. If you are living in the USA and you belong to any part of India, you can absolutely watch more than 100,000 hours of content which is available in more than 17 languages. Thus, you must use the Hostar US Promo Code to get all this content.

Hotstar Premium can be watched on television or mobile phone both. So if you think that you can not watch Television, then you can absolutely watch Hotstar Premium on your Mobile phone. And don’t worry! The Hotstar Coupon Code will be valid for both Smartphone and Television. Check out the Hotstar us Promo Code: SAVE30 and save 30% on your Hotstar Account.

Hotstar Promo Code USA


So, the best way to watch Hotstar in the USA to stream IPL 2020 is here. Use Hotstar Coupon Code or Hotstar Promo Code; SAVE30 and save 30% on your Hotstar Premium Account. Get a $10 IGP Gift Voucher and use the same on your next shopping bill.


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