Evaluation of Silver Oak Casino

Silver Oak Casino has been operating legally since 2008, when it obtained its Costa Rican gambling license.

Evaluation of Silver Oak CasinoThe only purpose of the casino is to “provide a trustworthy and unrivaled online casino games experience for every player, regardless of their level of casino experience.” Silver Oak Casino has an edge over its rivals in large part because it accepts players from the United States. The casino also processes a larger share of quick deposits from US consumers than its rivals.

One of the few casino software firms that targets the US market is behind the software used here: Real Time Gaming. All of the casinos that have RTG’s seal of approval have access to their extensive library of games and high-quality software. Silver Oak Casino gives you the option to play either their downloadable casino software or their instant-play web version (‘webplay’), albeit the downloadable version is required for making a deposit and playing for real money.

You can locate every game in the downloadable version, and the vast majority of them will also work on your browser.

Rules of Shot-for-Shot Roulette

The game’s centerpiece is a roulette wheel surrounded by shot glasses. Two numbers on each glass will be used to determine one’s spin on the wheel. In lieu of official shot roulette guidelines, consider the following options.

Drinking roulette – how does it work?


Spin the wheel, and whomever gets to drink from the corresponding glass first must do so. If the glass is empty, the player does not get to shoot for that round. Keep going until the final shot glass is emptied.

Each participant chooses how many glasses they will own; for example, if there are four players, they should each have four glasses. After the wheel is spun, the person holding the corresponding glass must drink the contents. Unlike the original, this one doesn’t force anyone to take more than four shots and risk seeming like an idiot.

Put a different liquor in each of the shot glasses, spin the bottle, and sip something new each time.

If you want to extend the game, you may even just fill some of the cups with booze. The other cups might hold juice or soda.

Quick Fire Rumble

If you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to play drinking roulette, you may do it with the turbo version.


Wam: Pour some booze (your choice, of course) into each of the shot glasses.

Slam: Put the roulette wheel back where it came from.

Kind regards, Ma’am Take a swig from each glass.

The Exciting Part About Shot Roulette

Shots of RouletteYou and your pals are playing Shot Roulette and things get a little out of hand. You are now at the point in your singing development where you tend to sing loudly and confidently. You feel so confident in your singing abilities that you ask a pal to record you on their iPhone.

The ‘buddy’ who notes you were really lucky at Shot Roulette and only had to drink once (you had seven), so they can keep a steady hand while doing so.

Your moving performance of “I Will Survive” concludes. Then, during your solo, you realize you do, in fact, have the Moves Like Jagger and start dancing. At the tape’s conclusion, you tell everyone in the room how much you love them. With the recording finished, you decide the moment is right to take a nap on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

The next morning, you discover that all of your hard work in the recording industry wasn’t for nothing. You’ve definitely made some waves in the Facebook world. Not only have two exes commented, but so have your dad, your employer, and your 72-year-old grandma.  The video goes viral, making you and anybody else who does a “spoof” of your performance instantly famous throughout the world.

The Risks of Playing Shot Roulette

That was obviously a humorous look at the risks involved in a game of Shot Roulette. However, like with any drinking game, you should be aware of your own limitations and drink responsibly at all times.

Review of Drinking Roulette and Where to Buy it

Shot Roulette may be purchased for less than $20 from a variety of different internet stores. Reviews have included things like, “This has to be one of the best party items purchased in a long time,” and “This is an inexpensive way to add more FUN to a casino night.”






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