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Got Hotstar Special Offer you the opportunity to get a Free Caravan Mini Worth $40

Do you know about Caravan Radio? You might have seen the Caravan Radio somewhere on the internet. It’s one of the most popular devices that comes with pre-loaded music of the different eras. In some countries, the Caravan brings to you thousands of the 60s to 90s songs pre-loaded on the device. It itself turns out to be an amazing gift for old people or even people who are interested in music.

Do you want to know how you can win a Caravan for yourself? It’s really really easy. If you want to win a Caravan, then all you have to do is watch Cricket. It’s as simple as that.

Got Hotstar Special Offer to you an amazing offer where you can get Hotstar Premium at $1 per screen per week. Isn’t it cheap? Where do you get entertainment at such a low price?

Well, GotHotstar gives you the opportunity to get a Free Caravan with a purchase of a Hotstar Premium Account.

We are giving you Hotstar Premium Account at the lowest in the market. If you want to enjoy this year’s IPL 2020 live stream and listen to your favorite songs at the same time on a music system, then use Hotstar Coupon Code: FREERADIO. This Hotstar Coupon Code is only valid to get a Caravan. There are a lot of other Hotstar Promo Codes and Hotstar Coupon Codes which you can use but if you are looking to get a free Caravan, then you can only get it with the Hotstar Coupon Code: FREERADIO.

How to get Free Caravan

So, here is the process to get free Caravan at your home with the help of GotHotstar.

Please note that you can only get a Free Caravan if you use the Hotstar Premium Coupon Code: FREERADIO. So, follow the steps as we mention below.

1. Logon to Hotstar
2. Select $49.99 Annual Package
3. Enter your name, valid email address and password and click on “Sign Up” button
4. Enter your credit or debit card details
5. Click on “Have a Promo Code?”
6. Apply Promo Code FREERADIO

This is as easy as it is.

Now, you may ask that how are we going to receive the Caravan Mini.

Well, this is a hidden offer given by Hotstar which is delivered through us. So, the billing information which you are going to enter while paying for the Hotstar Premium is going to be the one on which your Caravan is going to be shipped.

How long will it take to receive Caravan Mini?

Usually, we have seen that the users have received their Caravan in around 7-10 days. Some users have also received within 5 days. And sometimes it has taken around 14 days or more because of disturbances or shipping services closed due to the pandemic.

So, this is how you can receive your Caravan by simply purchasing a Hotstar Premium account at a dirt-cheap price.

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