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How can I watch live TV on Hotstar?

Hotstar is one of the best platforms to watch Television shows, movies, live shows, streaming, and much more. Well, Hotstar is that App for Indians which Netflix is for the

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How Many Users Can Use Hotstar Premium

Hotstar is an OTT Platform now owned by the Disney+ network. It’s a globally renowned Online Streaming platform that helps you to watch TV Shows and Movies online. The services

How can I redeem my Hotstar coupon

Hotstar is one of the most popular OTT Platforms to watch Indian TV Shows, Behind the Show scenes, Bonus content, and a lot more. We get asked a lot of

Is Hotstar better than Netflix

So, the question of the decade is here. Is Hotstar better than Netflix? Well, this is a never ending debate in itself and there are hundreds of parameters on which

Best Way To Watch IPL 2020 From USA

IPL is one of the most famous sports in India and the world when it comes to Cricket. Almost all the countries take part in these sports and come together

Who Hit Most Sixes in IPL History

IPL has been one of the most popular sporting events in India. Millions of people wait for this special series of Cricket events throughout the year. And every year, the

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