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Why Buy on Got Hotstar?

  • Works 365 days

The Hotstar promo code for Canada SAVE40 provided by us works for 365 days

  • 100% working

The validity provided by us is 100% genuine and you can check it yourself on the site

How to use Hotstar Annual Membership Offer Canada?

STEP 1: Start by opening your Hotstar app and click on the upgrade button. Search for the annual membership and apply the Hotstar promo code Canada provided by us

STEP 2: Once the package is selected, move to the payment page

STEP 3: Then fill in the details required for payment

STEP 4: Lastly, make use of our offer and enjoy streaming on Hotstar 

Benefits of Hotstar Annual Membership Offer?

  • Unlimited streaming

Once you have the Hotstar annual membership, you can enjoy unrestricted streaming for an entire year. Watch your favorite tv shows and movies in the language you prefer.

  • Get notified in advance

The offer doesn’t limit the benefits. With the annual Hotstar premium subscription, you will get notified of the latest or coming shows and series in advance.

Hotstar Annual Membership Offer Canada

If you are here to look for a Hotstar annual membership offer for Canada, then you already know what Hotstar is. It is an online video streaming platform that is currently available in three countries, USA, Canada.

It provides movies and tv content in about 9 different languages and has over 100,000 hours of content available on it. The many features make it worth it to get yourself a Hotstar premium membership yearly.

Why should you use our Hotstar Annual Membership Offer for Canada?

Everyone likes to get the most of their investment, and that is why the offers provided by us are a perfect choice that you can make. We provide Hotstar annual membership for Canada at great prices. You can not get it from any other place. Also, it’s not just the price but also the quality that we provide.

  • Top Seller for the Canada Hotstar Deals

GotHotstar is one of the best places from where you can get amazing deals and offers for your Hotstar yearly membership. Our customers’ reviews say it all. The offers and coupon codes we provide for Hotstar annual Canada membership work perfectly. All you need to do in order to use them is to read the T&Cs carefully. See if the offer applies to the package you want and then, use it.

  • Watch the major sport lives on Hotstar

The best part about Hotstar’s annual membership offer is that you can stream all the things which are available for members. It includes the major sports events which get covered by it. Hotstar streams all the major sports events live on its app. So, you can make proper use of this app to watch live sports events from anywhere in Canada. This keeps you close to your interests and you stay updated about the score as well.

  • Affordable Hotstar Premium Package on GotHotstar

As has been already mentioned above, our Hotstar annual membership offers are genuine and highly affordable. As we are not directly affiliated with Hotstar, our cost-cutting is much higher than it. With the right offers and coupon codes, you can get your yearly membership for the Hotstar Canada site at pocket-friendly rates. Also, you do not have to worry about the features, as our offers include all the benefits that a person gets in the yearly membership.

Are these Hotstar Annual Membership Offers limited?

Offers are called offers because they are limited in times. The offers are like chances which should be grabbed as soon as you can. This is similar to our Hotstar annual membership offer for Canada. It all depends on the number of offers and thus, serves on the first come first get basis. So, if you are looking to get Canada based Hotstar Annual Membership, get it now.

For how long is the Hotstar Premium membership valid?

Well, as the membership says, it is an annual membership. It remains valid for 365 days from the day you bought it. The Hotstar Canada Membership deals also work in the same way only. After buying the membership, you can enjoy You can watch on 2 TV at the same time streaming for an entire year. However, in case you want to end your membership, you can visit the official website or the account page in the app and cancel the membership.

How to avail Hotstar Annual Membership Canada?

Well, it is not really a hard thing to do. All you need to do is visit the membership offers page on our website and select the one you like the most. You can then buy the package and enjoy your annual membership

This is all you need to know and do to get yourself the Hotstar promo code Canada at exciting offers. Do check the coupons for Hotstar as well, if you are looking for the US Hotstar membership. Moreover, don’t forget to read the T&C section, to clear your doubts furthermore.


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