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Want to access the diverse and quality library of movies and shows on Hotstar, but still wondering about Hotstar India price? Let us help you understand the Hotstar price in India so you can decide whether to sign up!

Hotstar has become one of the most popular OTT platforms in the USA. Day by day, the platform is getting increasingly famous for its varieties of shows. The platform offers a wide range of Indian web series, Indian movies, Western web series, and western movies. Well, that’s not just an end to it. There is absolutely a lot of web series on Hotstar in different languages. With the competition in the OTT sphere getting increased day by day, it is becoming a necessity for these Apps to get new shows every other day. Else, they’ll be out of business soon.

In this blog, we bring to you the Hotstar Coupon Code that saves up a lot of money and comes with amazing cashback offers. Do check out this blog to know more about the subscription and price plans for Hotstar.

US Hotstar Promo Code Benefits

Though there are thousands of shows on Hotstar, then what are the actual benefits of getting a subscription? Let’s know more about them.

Uncut and Ad-Free Shows

We’re all tired of watching Ads. They’re everywhere. Right from your Google Search Results to your YouTube videos, Ads have taken over the internet. And if you too are thinking of getting an App where you can watch your favorite movies and web series without worrying about Ads, get Hotstar. Now watch more with the US Hotstar Coupon that helps you save FLAT 10% more.

Watch Hollywood Blockbusters

When was the last time when you searched on the Internet for a movie that you liked a lot only to find that the movie is no more there? Well, no matter how old the movie is. Hotstar has a lot of Hollywood Blockbusters which you would not be able to resist watching. No matter whether you are a comic lover or fiction, non-fiction, action, drama or documentaries, you won’t be let down by the variety of content that’s available on the website and their App.

Watch on Multiple Screens

If you’re like one of those who would like the concept of watching a web series with a friend because you don’t trust them? Then you’re just like us. Like how can they even think of completing a web series without us? Can’t let that happen, right? Do you want to watch a Web Series with a friend overnight? Well, for that purpose, you need to start using Hotstar US Promo Code that helps you with multiple screen viewing accessibility.

Does Hotstar offer a free trial

The answer to this question is quite dubious as the App is a Freemium service. There are a few web series and movies that you can watch for free on their website. But for that also, you need to have a Hotstar Account. Other than that, you can try the Hotstar Premium package’s free trial for up to 7 days. See how it goes and you can then decide whether you want to continue the services or stop them. If you like Hotstar, then you can buy the premium package by using our Discount Code: HAPPY2020 for the USA and MYCRICKET for Canada.

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Benefits of Hotstar Coupon Code

Hotstar Promo Code USA

If you are still unsure about getting your own Hotstar US Coupon, then check out the benefits below:

  • Get $5 Discount on your Hotstar Premium Plan
  • Avail $20 Remit2India Coupon within 24 hours
  • Watch Hotstar on 2 Screens sharing plan (Use it to watch IPL 2020 on Hotstar)
  • Get $300 Hotel Savings Card with Hotstar us Promo Code
  • Just by including the prices of Step 1 and Step 2, your net effective price would be $25
  • If you share your Hotstar Premium plan with a friend, then your share of pricing would come down to around $12 per year
  • Now if you divide the amount in per month basis, then you would be paying around $1 per month

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Imagine getting entertainment for $1 per month. How amazing would it be right? So buy your Hotstar Premium Package with Hotstar Coupon Code US: HAPPY2020 and Canada Hotstar us Promo Code: MYCRICKET.

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