Hotstar is one of the most popular OTT Platforms that help you watch hundreds of thousands of Indian movies, shows, documentaries, and lots more. This online website has helped millions of users around the world stay in touch with regular and updated content around the world and especially related to India. Currently, the Hotstar App is owned by the Disney Group. And right now, the content quality has increased by “n” number of times. Thus, ever since, Hotstar got acquired by Disney, a lot of people have been willing to get Hotstar Free Membership for free or at least at some affordable options. Also, spoiler alert, if you use Hotstar us Promo Code: SAVE40, GET40OFF, then you can save on your pockets.

In this blog, we are going to talk about those reasons on how you can get Hotstar Free Membership or membership at affordable prices. So, stay tuned for the same. But before we dive straight into the blog, let’s know whether Hotstar is even worth it or not.

Is Hotstar Subscription worth it?

Hotstar (Free and Premium) both of them have millions of users around the world. There’s no lie that there are millions of Bollywood fans around the world. Whether it comes to the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, or the Dabanng, Salman Khan, people love almost everyone from Bollywood. Fans would always love to watch their favorite hero’s movies as fast as possible. Even Hotstar US Promo Codes:  SAVE40, GET40OFF helps you unlock a lot of premium content.

And this is where Hotstar Subscription would be of much help! Hotstar is an Indian App which is developed for the Indian audience. And anyone who has an interest in the Indian entertainment content must get Hotstar subscription for himself.

Hotstar is one of the best Applications to check out if you want to watch more than 100000 hours of content that is especially entertaining, amusing, thrilling, and informative at the same time. Get your chance to watch content in more than 17 languages on the Hotstar App.

Alongside, if you are also interested in watching live content like live television streaming or cricket matches, then you can also do that at the same time. For IPL Matches, Hotstar has the sole proprietorship to broadcast the matches on the digital level. So, if you are also a cricket fan and don’t want to miss out on this IPL season, then you should definitely get Hotstar Premium as it is one of the only Apps which will help you stream live IPL matches from anywhere around the world. This feature can be availed with Hotstar us Promo Code:  SAVE40, GET40OFF…

Hotstar Premium Price and Packages

Hotstar currently offers two packages for which you can opt for without waiting much. On the website, once you log in, you will be able to see two packages on their website for the annual or yearly limits.

  •         $49.99 package
  •         $74.99 package

 These two packages will decide the content you will see throughout the year on your Hotstar subscription.

The internet is filled with promises and you can also get confused when it comes to buying a Hotstar Subscription package. Now, let’s check out how to get Hotstar free membership for free or for very minimal prices.


How to get Hotstar Free Membership

Well, if you want to Get Hotstar Free Membership, then it is really not possible unless you have someone else’s account. But, if you think that you can still somehow manage to pay just a little amount, then you should. And let us tell you how you can get Hotstar Premium at very affordable prices.

1) Open

2) Login to your account with your Account details

3) If you do not have a Hotstar Account, then follow the steps below. Click on Sign Up or log in on the top right corner of the website

4) Here you will see the option of $49.99. Select it.

5) Enter the Hotstar Coupon Code:  SAVE40, GET40OFF


And this is how you can save a lot of amount on your Hotstar Premium Account. With this code, you can reduce your effective price to be around $1 per week, which we believe is almost nothing when it comes to entertainment.


So, you can use Hotstar us Promo Codes:  SAVE40, GET40OFF to get your daily dose of entertainment at a very affordable price.  


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