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  • Works 365 days

Our Hotstar Promo code works for an entire year and thus, you can use it anytime

  • 100% working

You can check the validity of our coupons for Hotstar on the checkout page of the app.

How to use Hotstar promo code?

STEP 1: Open your Hotstar app and tap on the upgrade button. Then after selecting the package you want, use the Hotstar promo code. Make sure the coupon code SAVE40 is valid for the package you want.

STEP 2: After selecting the package, move on to the payment page.

STEP 3: Fill in the details required to make the payment and to avail of the coupons for Hotstar.

STEP 4: Lastly, apply the coupon and enjoy the discount.

Benefits of Hotstar Discount Code?

  • Unlimited TV shows and movies

After getting the Hotstar subscription promo code, you can use the app. Unlimited supply of TV shows and Movies has been provided to you, so make the most of it.

  • Become Eligible for early access

With the Hotstar membership, you also become eligible for getting early access to the latest shows and movies, which are not yet telecasted on television.

Hotstar Coupon Code USA Specific & Hotstar USA Promo Code

As the IPL is around the corner, you might also be wanting to get a Hotstar USA Promo Code. These coupons for Hotstar can provide you exclusive deals and discounts. Well, you have reached the right place. Check out our website to get amazing offers on Hotstar Premium and Paid Accounts. Getting the USA based promo code provides you more benefits, so try it now.

Hotstar Premium Promo Code for 2020

We understand the phenomenon of demand and supply, and how the prices inflate during the high demand period. That is why we provide Hotstar yearly promo code as well with which you can save more. During this IPL season, the demand increases all around the globe. Millions of people use the app and want to get maximum benefits. So, here we are with our deal for the year 2020.

Why you should use our Hotstar Coupon Code

There are many reasons for using our Hotstar premium promo code. The first and most important is that you save a lot on your purchase. 

More reasons why you should choose us are given below in detail. Also, we have answered some of the common questions the customers ask us.

  • Top Vendor for the US Hotstar Deals

We, GotHotstar, are one of the most reliable vendors to provide you the US Hotstar Promo Code. We don’t say it ourselves but our customers do. Use our coupon code which is mentioned on our sites, they work perfectly. We do not con our customers and give them coupons that do not work. Moreover, our deals and discounts can be availed of instantly. You don’t need to wait for long to see the result and can apply the coupon easily. 

  • Watch IPL Online on Hotstar

A lot of fans of IPL stay in the USA, which is why they need to use the US Hotstar promo code that is USA based. Also, Hotstar is the only allowed and righteous platform to watch the Dream11 IPL in the USA. Therefore, we provide you with the right coupons which you can use and watch IPL Online on Hotstar while staying in the USA. It plays exactly the way it is supposed to be, broadcasting highlights, behind the scenes, and the LIVE match at the exact time.

  • Affordable Hotstar Premium Package on GotHotstar

Our US Hotstar Promo Code is effectively pocket friendly. Though we are not affiliated with Hotstar, it still provides you the best deals. The non-affiliation allows us to cut down our costs and provide you with the best rates. Moreover, our packages and promo codes are not just limited to IPL matches but other features of getting a Hotstar subscription too. 

Do Hotstar Coupon Codes Expire?

Every Hotstar USA promo code has an expiry, island it’s no different in our case too. We provide massive deals at really affordable rates, which is why you should use them as soon as possible. Each coupon code comes with an expiry date, although the expiry can differ from each other. Also, in some cases you can reuse the coupon code, so read the details carefully and buy them accordingly.

  • How long is the membership valid for Hotstar Premium?

It totally depends on the customer. You can decide the validity of the Hotstar Premium Promo Code you buy from us. Also, you can decide to end your membership as well, whenever you like. The only thing you need to do for that is connecting with the representatives of Hotstar. Moreover, know that our services and promo codes are liable to the Hotstar products as well.

  • How to avail of Hotstar Coupon Code and discount?

Many customers also find it difficult to avail the Hotstar US Promo Code. Well, if you are also struggling with the same issue, check the terms and conditions of the package you are trying to buy. Some coupons for Hotstar are only liable to specific packages. So, read the details and T&C well beforehand. 

With all the information in your hand, what are you waiting for now? If you are in a non-US country, for example, Canada, you can still use our amazing discounts. Check more on our website. We have a separate article for the concern regarding getting the Hotstar promo code for Canada.


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