Hotstar also generally known as Hotstar is an online video streaming platform that provides you with a huge spectrum of entertainment. Hotstar currently offers over 50,000 hours of TV content and movies across 8 languages, and every major sport especially cricket is covered live. Its user friendly and simple user interface makes it one of the most liked over the top (OTT) platforms.

One can easily access live television, various other movies, a huge number of sports channels, and various choices to binge-watch series. It now provides you with a different Kids section. This makes it easier for parents with toddlers to be protected from the content they don’t want them to see. It has an endless list of animated movies and cartoons for your kids to have a good time.

Recently, Hotstar introduced two subscription tiers for its regular audience. One is a VIP subscription while the other one is a Premium subscription. Both of these subscription tiers have their own advantages and privileges. While VIP subscription gives you access to watch Indian content ad-free with no irritating interruptions, the Premium subscription has a whole lot more to offer.


The Hotstar Premium subscription tier includes two different annual packages. These packages have different privileges to provide you with.

  1. $49.99 package

  2. $74.99 package

Having subscribed to these packages will provide you with content based on its limitations. These subscription packages are yearly or annual packages. Sometimes, they might seem to be too costly to afford. Well, we can help you with this. Applying the Hotstar Promo Code: SAVE30 you will get approximately 10% OFF on your subscription package.


Hotstar Premium offers you a huge range of content. Binge-watching through these quarantine days becomes so much more fun when you have a subscription to Hotstar Premium. Wondering what is so special and exciting about Premium? Well, here’s your answer below:

  • Gives you access to a vast range of latest Indian TV shows.

  • Ad-free watching hours are the best watching hours.

  • Digital movie premieres of latest trending movies.

  • Movies on the go to reminisce your childhood days.

  • Access to American movies and TV shows at the latest.

  • Watch Hollywood blockbusters without any interruptions.

  • Gives you access to Hotstar VIP content too.

  • Watch live cricket, sports without advertisements.

You can have all these privileges if you have a Hotstar premium subscription. Use the Hotstar us promo code 2020: SAVE30 and avail these benefits at a cheaper cost.

Why is there a need to watch Other countries?

Having access to different countries provides you with a variety of different content. Especially for the foreign audience that dies to watch the King Of Romance on the screens, or the action pack Khiladi Kumar, of different countries will give the audience a lot more.

The viewers that are keen on knowing about the different genres of movies showing different cultures will surely enjoy having access to this. It will provide more quality content. All of this becomes easier when you have a premium subscription.

At first, it might seem to be expensive but using the Hotstar discount code or Hotstar us promo code 2020: SAVE30 will give you about 10% OFF on your premium package. Using this Hotstar USA coupon code will cost you about $1 per week. This seems to be quite a cheaper and fair deal than most of the other trending OTT platforms.

How to watch Hotstar of other Countries?

Getting access to watch Hotstar of other countries seems to be quite a fair deal. You can now have a larger spectrum of streaming service and a whole lot of content to binge-watch during these quarantine days.

You must be wondering how to get access to Hotstar in other countries? Well, to your dismay, it is not really possible. The App and website is just too secure to crack such permission. However, the premium subscription will help you to a huge extent.

If you think it is not worth paying, you can always use Hotstar us Promo Code 2020: SAVE30 to get at least 10% OFF on your subscription package. It is a great deal to pay only $1 per week for such a huge content streaming website.

We hope with this blog you would have got the answer. If you truly understood this blog, then make sure you use Hotstar Coupon Code: SAVE30 while purchasing Hotstar Premium.


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