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So, the question of the decade is here. Is Hotstar better than Netflix? Well, this is a never-ending debate in itself and there are hundreds of parameters on which we can judge all of these OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar Premium, Hulu, and others. But, this blog is not going to cover everything. In this blog, we’re going to cover just a few important parameters which will help you determine whether Hotstar is the best or Netflix is the best.

Let’s divide our entire blog into three main categories:

  1. Content
  2. Diversity of Content
  3. Cost & Plans


Both the platforms are brilliant in terms of content. No doubt, the entertainment industry is heading towards more of a mobile-friendly platform. And we know that these days, millions of people have a mobile phone. Thus, it becomes necessary to have content that you can regularly update on your App.

Hotstar is one of the best in this range. Today, Hotstar has more than 100,000 hours of viewable content on its OTT platform. No matter what sort of content you like to consume, Hotstar ensures that you can have a good amount of content for that. If you wish to use Hotstar for its content, use Hotstar Promo Codes: GETDEAL, BESTDEAL, or TAKEOFF40.

Netflix on the other hand is a premium one in this segment. It is an amazing platform that has set up its own trend in the youngster regarding, “Netflix and Chill.” Netflix is the leader of the industry when it comes to Content in OTT Service Providers.

Diversity of Content

Diversity of Content plays a very significant role in OTT platforms like Hotstar and Netflix. Both platforms have very competitive prices. However, both of them have their own reasons why they can be considered by someone.

Hotstar Premium is a plan that is most loved by the South Asian audience living in the USA. Reason? Hotstar Premium has content that caters to the Indian audience. They have a high number of Indian TV Shows which consist of mostly Indian actors and actresses. Thus, more and more people will be able to connect with the characters portrayed. If you wish to use Hotstar Premium for this purpose, you can use Hotstar free subscription promo code: GETDEAL, BESTDEAL, or TAKEOFF40.

Netflix on the other hand has a lot of varieties of content. The website runs in almost every country that has limited to no restrictions on entertainment. Thus, Netflix has a wide variety of content. But, if you are not open to a lot of types of content or diversity in content, then you can switch to Hotstar.

Cost and Plans

Plans and Pricing have a lot of significance when it comes to acquiring a new audience. Thus, there are different price plans for each of these platforms. If you want to purchase Hotstar, then you can use the Hotstar subscription coupons: GETDEAL, BESTDEAL, or TAKEOFF40.

Hotstar Premium has two price plans: $49.99 and $79.99. Both of the plans have different kinds of content. For example, IPL 2020 streaming can be done via Hotstar Premium Packages. If you wish to use Hotstar Premium, then use Hotstar us Promo Codes: GETDEAL, BESTDEAL, or TAKEOFF40.

Netflix is a completely paid platform that provides you hundreds of thousands of shows. The platform has a trial period of 1 month on its platform. You can use the one month trial and then if you like it, then you can use the Netflix paid account as well. The paid version of Netflix is $9 per month.

No matter whether you like Netflix or Hotstar, we have a deal for you if you want to use Hotstar. Use Hotstar Discount Code: GETDEAL, BESTDEAL, or TAKEOFF40.

Use Hotstar Discount Code: TAKEOFF40.


If you liked this blog on the difference between Hotstar and Netflix, then share this with your friends who are thinking of which OTT service provider to choose. If you are an Indian or someone from the Indian subcontinent and want to be connected with Indian stars, celebrities, and their amazing content, then you can use Hotstar Premium. We’ve shared the Hotstar Free Subscription Promo Code above.

 Use Hotstar Discount Code: GETDEAL, BESTDEAL, or TAKEOFF40.


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