Netflix Vs Hotstar Vs Amazon Prime

The world of the internet is about the fastest movers. No matter what you do, if your audience loves it, you must not stop doing it. Because there’s hardly anything that people love easily. That’s the same with OTT services. More people are now spending time outside of their homes and it is the opportunity which the companies had to tap into.

Looking at the same, many companies started investing in the online streaming market. Today, we’re seeing the market of streaming devices and services go boom!

In this blog, we’re going to see the Hotstar Review, Netflix Review, and Amazon Prime Review in comparison to each other.

App Interface

A well-optimized interface of the App can help users to stay on your App for long or it can make them uninstall your app within a few seconds. So functionality plays an important role in App development.

Netflix App Interface

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services right now. It is at present, having one of the most simple App interfaces that helps in saving time and makes navigation easy and also the programs, movies and web series are easier to watch on the Application.

Hotstar App Interface

The Hotstar App Interface is quite helpful. It gives you features like real-time search results, a soothing color tone that doesn’t hurt the eye for long durations of watch time. The Hotstar App is a good choice if you want to watch IPL 2020 as the cricket series is nearing.

Amazon Prime Interface

Amazon’s Prime is an amazing App that makes awesome web series, movies and more. App interface for Amazon Prime looks very similar to their Amazon shopping App. So you can understand the kind of App it must be – pretty clean.

Winner of App Interface Round?

Without a doubt, Netflix is the winner because of fluidic navigation, ease of navigation and the choice of colors.

Playback Experience of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime

Playback plays a very important role whenever it comes to the App’s functionality. For a video streaming service to be known as the perfect one, it’s playback needs to be well optimized and fluidic.

Netflix Playback Quality

Netflix is by far one of the leaders of OTT Services online. No matter what you say, people are always going to say, “Netflix and chill.” And it shows the emotions of the people for the App. Whether you watch Netflix on a 720p screen or a 1080p screen, the experience is going to be smooth.

Hotstar Playback Quality

As IPL 2020 and Cricket World Cup is coming in the upcoming months. There are many people who are going to be interested in watching Cricket Online on Hotstar and any other App. Hotstar is by far the only App on which you can stream cricket during the IPL season. So if you are in the USA or Canada and you want to watch Cricket, then you should definitely use the Hotstar App.

Amazon Prime Playback Quality

How about the Amazon Prime Playback Quality? Amazon Prime has been well updated ever since the last 3-4 updates. No wonder, the App has started coming back on track. Earlier it used to struggle a bit whenever someone used to call us in between, but now the bugs are fixed on the App.

Winner of Playback Quality Round

No doubt, the Winner of Playback Quality is going to be Hotstar because of the sole reason that IPL is coming soon and millions of people are going to be interested in watching the game.

Content on Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime

Content is one of the reasons which drives potential people into buying your Premium subscriptions. If your content is not worth it, you can not go ahead in the future.

Netflix Content

Netflix is by far one of the leaders when it comes to content on its App. If you still don’t know why Netflix is the leader in streaming services, then it’s majorly because of the content. It is one of the first services to invest a huge amount into producing its own original content.

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Hotstar Content

Although Hotstar is a new entry into the Streaming services, so it doesn’t have many shows in its original inventory. However, there is still some scope for Hotstar. As the IPL 2020 is approaching, there are millions of people who would still not be in front of their TV sets to watch the show. So Hotstar is the only Application that would help them watch Hotstar on its Application.

Amazon Prime Content

Amazon Prime is a direct competitor to Netflix. No matter what show, web series or movie Amazon Prime makes, it will always be compared to the level of Netflix India. So that’s that!

Content Quality Winner

Without a doubt, Netflix is going to be the winner because of the content quality. Other than that, if you want to watch Cricket and some Indian shows as well, then proceed with Hotstar. And other than that, if you are looking forward to watching similar shows like Netflix, then subscribe to Amazon Prime.

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