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We all love to chill out after making it through our regular lives. Be it your office life or college life or whatever. No matter what we are or what we do, we all need a break and at times we all want to just snug into our blankets and watch a web series or a movie. In this context, we bring to you some of the finest Hotstar Web Series which you should be watching this weekend. Also, make sure that this Hotstar web series List is updated in March 2020. So stay tuned for more updated blogs in the upcoming months.

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Game of Thrones

Oh! What do I tell you about the Game of Thrones? It’s certainly on the top of the best Hotstar Web series list. No wonder the popularity of the series took a J Curve because of the explicit scenes, action, drama and the beautifully written script by George R R Martin. For years, people have been watching the web series which is full of wars, crime, and thrills. Also, recently the web series got dubbed in Hindi. So, if you are looking for the best Hindi Web Series on Hotstar, then it is absolutely Game of Thrones without a doubt.

Currently, the eighth and ninth season of The Game of Thrones is in trend. So, if you want a really long mysterious and criminal Web Series, then you must start with it.


Amongst other Best Hindi Web Series on Hotstar, Chernobyl is one of the best Web Series based on a true event that we can recommend to you. If you are looking for something that goes back into history and you’re ready to see what all went wrong and at what time, then it is Chernobyl. Based on an unfortunate event that took place in the USSR (now Russia) where the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded. The Hotstar web series talks about the inside problems that lead to mass murder because of human errors.

Along with being on the top of this Hotstar Web Series List, Chernobyl also has 9.6 Rating on IMDb.

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IPL 2020

If you’re an Indian or if you know an Indian in your country, then you’d know how much they are excited for the IPL. If you want to watch the IPL in the USA, then you need Hotstar. IPL is only available on Hotstar, so you would have to subscribe to their services. Use code: HAPPY2020 if you are in the USA and MYCRICKET if you are in Canada to avail extra 10% off on Hotstar Premium. IPL is also known as the Indian Premier League where Cricket teams from around the world come together and form a unique team where each team has at least one member from another country’s team. It’s heartwarming and beautiful to see so many teams playing together and competing against each other.


If you’re looking for some of those Hotstar Web Series which are a piece of fine art and drama. The story goes around a gunman and hitman who moves to Los Angeles and gets stuck in the theatre. He is on the lookout for his target and while he’s just about to murder, he finds out himself in a theatre which later becomes a hard thing to get rid of. This Hotstar web series is a winner of multiple Emmy Awards and has been nominated in various other Award Shows. Check out this amazing web series where the protagonist tries his best to get rid of his old life to start a new life as an actor. But will it be possible?


If you compare it to the other top web series on Hotstar which we mentioned in this blog, then you may be a little disappointed. But, Euphoria is a web series that talks about some real issues and something which you can relate to your own life as well. If you have had a normal schooling life just like the rest of us, then you would be relating to the web series on a different level. This show speaks about current teenage issues like drug abuse, sexual assaults, harassment social media, anxieties and more. Don’t forget to check out these top Hotstar Web series today.

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