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Hotstar is an app for entertainment shows and is most famous for its live streaming of cricket matches such as IPL. It also includes other Hotstar shows which are broadcasted. This app contains many tv series and other premium shows. To watch these shows you must have a Hotstar premium subscription.

In how many countries is Hotstar available?

Being an app that shows entertainment content produced, this app is geo-restricted in other countries. However, countries like the USA, UK, and Canada also have Hotstar subscriptions. This way the people living in these countries can also watch the shows, series or sports live telecast from their locations.

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It is majorly a benefit who have relocated to these countries or are temporarily staying there for study or job purposes. You have to get the Hotstar premium to watch the shows on this app if you are living USA. 

What does it offer in the USA?

If you are staying in the USA and want to watch some USA content that is available on Hotstar, you can watch it by getting yourself the Hotstar premium subscription. As mentioned Hotstar also shows the live telecast of cricket matches like IPL, which has fans all around the world. So, you can watch these live matches with all the highlights and extras in the USA. Also, it’s not just the Cricket matches but all the major sports events like Football, Tennis, Hockey and more.

Although, you might want to get a Hotstar coupon code for getting discounts on your subscription.  Unlike in US, for countries like the USA and Canada, you have to pay more for your Hotstar subscription. The difference between the cost of Hotstar subscriptions in other countries is almost 5 times what it costs in US. So, to cut your cost you have to use a VPN service. This can help you in saving a lot of money and provide you with all the shows you can watch through the Hotstar subscription.

What makes Hotstar worth buying?

You might think that Hotstar is just another video streaming app like Netflix or Amazon prime, but it does offer a lot more things. With the Hotstar premium subscription, you can watch the live telecast of various major sports events live. That too, in the comfort of your home, wherever it falls in the USA location.

Another benefit is that it does have some special shows which are Hotstar shows only and are not available on other video streaming apps. Discovery channel is also the add ons that you get with the Hotstar Premium Promo Code. That’s why we can say that yes, Hotstar is worth buying.

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