Hotstar is one of the largest OTT platforms preferred by the Indian audience for its indigenous content. One can stream live sports like IPL, TV programs, movies anytime with an internet connection. Hotstar as a website has a great interface making it user friendly for its audience. Recently when Hotstar, they started pushing out more content for the Indian and NRIs. Thus, their sales and demand increased significantly. As a lot of people are sitting at their homes and consuming more content online, they’re now inclined towards Bollywood to soothe their entertainment taste. For the same reason, we bring to you Hotstar us Promo Code: SAVE30 that will help you save 10% on your purchase AND Amazon Gift Voucher!

Hotstar is one of the largest streaming services, like others, too have a premium/VIP subscription. Hotstar Premium is found to be a little too expensive for a larger group of audience. Due to which, they only have access to a limited number of features or services. But the benefits that you avail with a premium subscription to Hotstar outnumber the reasons to not have one. With this blog, we’re going to tell you where you can watch Hotstar Premium for FREE!


Having a Hotstar premium subscription brings you about an extensive list of privileges. We’ll help them bring to your notice. Some of the benefits are:

  • Watching US TV shows without the annoying ads interrupting your chilling weekend.

  • Having access to watch a huge list of Indian TV and web series without the ads.

  • Binge-watching a number of Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies that are still not telecasted on your television.

  • Enjoying the live cricket matches or sports that you love without the interruptions of frequent ads.

  • You have access to watch live TV.

  • You can binge-watch your favorite shows by having access

  • A wide range for your kids to watch through their boring day.

  • Original movies in various languages

  • Bollywood movie premieres at the latest.

  • You can also watch Indian TV before the telecast.

  • The latest American TV shows can now be watched live.



At present, us Hotstar offers you two-yearly premium subscription packages. As soon as you visit the Hotstar website, you will be offered these packages. Each package comes with its own limitations and a variety of content.

  1. $49.99 package

  2. $74.99 package

These packages give you access to content based on their limitations for throughout the year.


When it comes to buying such premium subscriptions, you can often be led to sites that mislead you. With this blog, we intend to help you with how you can have a subscription to Hotstar Premium for free or at a minimum price range with the help of the Hotstar us Promo Code.



If you think paying such a hefty amount for streaming services is not worth it, then maybe we have a solution to your problem. We will help you buy these packages with the least amount.

You can now access the Hotstar Premium benefits by using Hotstar US Promo Code. By using the Hotstar Coupon Code: SAVE30 you can have access to premium membership of Hotstar at 10% less amount.

Now, you might think how do you actually use this coupon code? Well, let us give you a quick guide through it. Follow the steps given below and you’re ready to have premium benefits of Hotstar.

  1. Got to the website:

  2. Login to your account with your Account details.

If you do not have a Hotstar Account, then follow the steps given below.
  1. At the top right corner of the website, you’ll be shown the option to Sign Up or Login. Click on it.

  2. Select the option of $49.99 that pops up on your screen

  3. Enter the Hotstar Coupon Code: SAVE30


The Hotstar us Promo Code SAVE30 provides you 10% OFF on your regular package. At this rate, you can access the premium membership at the rate of $44.99 Per Year, which is nothing less than free for such a vast area of entertainment.

You now have the privilege of watching the Premium content that Hotstar provides at very cheap and affordable prices with the Hotstar US Promo Code: SAVE30.


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