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The Hotstar subscription in countries like the USA provides premium inclusions. This means that you can also say that Hotstar gives only the premium subscription package in the USA.

This package offers you to watch TV shows, original Hotstar shows, movies, and the live broadcast of major sports events like Cricket, Tennis, Football, and so on. You can also say that this is one of the USPs of Hotstar which allows people from different countries to buy the Hotstar premium subscription.

What is Netflix in the USA?

Netflix is also a platform for video streaming and has been functional since 1997. It is owned by Netflix Inc. company which is based in California. Netflix is one of the majorly loved platforms because of the content provided on it. People from around the world buy Netflix subscriptions in order to watch the different kinds of content available on it.

Just like Hotstar, it also goes through changes that occur due to geographical location. It has subsidiary companies now, working specifically for the countries in which people use this app. Netflix follows some standards which are why the original series of Netflix is considered to be one of the best.

What are the differences?

Now after reading about the two platforms, let’s move on to the differences which will help us to see which one is better.

  • Interface

In order for an app to attract more users, it requires a great user interface. The interface is really important as the user’s experience depends on it. 

Netflix, for example, has an amazing user interface. You can easily and quickly find the results. This quick result saves a lot of time for the users which makes them love Netflix subscriptions even more. 

On the other hand, Hotstar does have a good interface but it still needs modifications. Sometimes, users get some glitches while using the app. That’s why we can say that Netflix is better than Hotstar in the case of the user interface.

  • Playback experience
When it comes to the streaming apps or any video streaming experience, the first thing a user asks for is the playback experience.

In Netflix, there are options to decide the quality of the video. In fact, you get the options to download the videos as well. As Netflix works with many different operators, the speed of the video is also fast.

For Hotstar, options to change the video quality and downloading are available on it as well. However, the users can face some slow-speed experiences which make the playback experience on Netflix better than Hotstar.

  • Content

After the playback experience, the second point is variety. It is a mandate for an online video streaming app to have options in genres and a variety of content.

Netflix has a long experience of being in this field than Hotstar and offers a lot more content than it. There are many different genres according to the users’ preferences and many options in those genres as well.

Hotstar subscription offers comparatively less in the USA, but it has some unique points which are not fulfilled by Netflix. Take the live streaming of sports for example. There are fans around the world who’d like to watch their favorite players play and that is offered by Hotstar only.

  • Video quality

The quality of a video can decide whether a user will watch the full episode or will leave it in between. 

Netflix, as a larger platform, has options to switch your video quality according to your preference. Moreover, it can auto-adjust the quality as well to suit your network connection. Also, the series and movies of Netflix originals are well prepared and offer a cinematic look alike.

Hotstar also provides its users with the options to switch the video quality and auto-adjust option. Though, it’s still a growing platform and lacks amazing cinematography in the original Hotstar shows.

  • Cost

Last but not the least, let’s talk about the subscription cost. If we had been talking about, a Hotstar subscription is much cheaper than a Netflix subscription. However, when it comes to countries like the USA, the user pays almost 5 times more than what it costs.

It almost makes both the subscription fall in the same line. That is why a lot of people look for the Hotstar subscription US promo code to get it cheaper.

According to the points mentioned, it is easy to say that Netflix is better than Hotstar when it comes to experience and user interface. But, Hotstar offers much better deals and options when it is compared with the cost. The unique points of Hotstar us not offered by Netflix, but Netflix’s qualities can be included in Hotstar. So, you can get a Hotstar coupon code SAVE40 to buy it at a cheaper price and explore what it has to offer.


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